What I offer

manWhat I offer individuals is a range of therapeutic and coaching options, which aim to reunite them with a sense of calling, of imagination, grandness and fate – of vision.

  • a range of soul-coaching services for individuals
  • psychodynamic counselling
  • addiction counselling
  • healing
  • past life work
  • public speaking on a range of subjects
  • workshops on a range of subjects
  • some astrological work
  • staff training
  • writing services for ethical businesses

Further details and prices on application

We come into this world ‘trailing clouds of glory’ but somewhere along the way we become lost in mental patterns, in the world, in conditioning, the expectations of others and the mundane demands of life.

Without a sense of beauty and romance small wonder most of us seek to escape reality. I believe these qualities are vital to a life and can be rediscovered. Clients who work in this way with me bear that out.

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