FaceWelcome to Soulvision. My aim is two-fold:

  • to act as attendant to the soul of individuals wanting a pathway home to what Michelangelo termed the imagine del cuor, the heart’s image, that which lies buried underneath the drab confines of conformity and is key to destiny and purpose;
  • to promote, even restore, the notion of soul to the heart of the culture, particularly to psychotherapies, which as James Hillman convincingly argued in The Soul’s Code, ‘trim a life to fit the frame’. How is it exactly that psychology evades both acceptance and study of that which it purports to uphold?

This myopia and outright defiance of the mysterious, the synchronous and the ephemeral is, I believe, one of the chief reasons our culture is crumbling and our environment fighting back. As Jung famously said, ‘The gods have become diseases’.

If we fail to honour that which lives in the unmanifest, the Otherworld, the world of our ancestors, the results of our betrayal soon manifest at all levels: collective, global, national, familial and individual.