My experience

SimonThe vision behind this site signals the emergence of a wisdom hard won. Like most therapists involved in the work of heart and soul the real client always stares back from the mirror. I set out to heal my own life simply because I had to.

It remains a work in progress. After an early career in journalism as reporter, feature writer, editor and, more recently, travel writer I slowly moved over to working with people in a way that made more sense to me. I qualified at night school in counselling and then, in 1997, as an addictions counsellor. I spent the last six years working on a consultancy basis at The Priory Roehampton, specialising in the nascent field of sex and love addiction and teaching what I knew of spirituality to addicts. In 2008 I was interviewed on Radio 4’s PM show as a so-called expert in sex addiction. I don’t know about that. What I do know was that for a number of years The Priory gave me a platform where I could share my radical ideas and that I helped many people.

What satisfies me even more is that what I was able to bring to those people mushroomed out to others. The thread that remained consistent over the years and which held me through the highs and lows of my personal life was a vigorous commitment to finding truth, meaning and purpose.

I trained as a reiki healer, read every spiritual book I could find, studied Rumi, immersed myself in Jung and karmic astrology, put myself through numerous workshops in family constellations and within the burgeoning men’s movement. Never a joiner, I was nominally on the steering group of Wild Dance Events set up by Richard Olivier at the behest of shaman-poet Robert Bly to reawaken the mythological in the mind of men. I had the great privilege of working with Bly and African shaman Malidoma Some and discovered the depths of my own grief and longing. The thread brought me inevitably to exploring past lives and their impact on the soul and I spent several years training with the late Dr Roger Woolger in Deep Memory Process while pursuing an inner journey of meditation.

What comes down must go up.

Artist – Kate Plowman
All artwork on Soulvision has been generously provided by Kate Plowman, a mixed-media artist working with collage, photographic silkscreen, photography, painting and drawing. Kate is a prominent Somerset-based up-and-coming artist whose work is in increasing demand around Britain.

She says, ‘l enjoy the potential of various materials, combining them, mark making, manipulating the image. changing the context, allowing it to take on a different meanings emerging, at times, of its own volition. Like the renowned Robert Rauschenberg said, ‘l want to work in the gap between art and life’.’

Contact: Kate Plowman
mobile 07961 945981