Relationship as Path audio series with Simon Heathcote of Soulvision

4 part Audio series ‘Relationship as Path’

Astrology of the Soul consultation with Simon Heathcote of Soulvision

Astrology of the Soul

Relationship Astrology consultation and report with Simon Heathcote of Soulvision

Relationship Astrology

Soul Coaching with Simon Heathcote of Soulvision

Soul Coaching: a series of 6 session

Facing the Fire: Sex, Love and Soul Union - a 6 part in-depth programme with Simon Heathcote of Soulvision

6 part in-depth programme
‘Facing the Fire: Sex, Love and Soul Union’

Sex and love addiction therapy with Simon Heathcote of Soulvision

Sex and Love Addiction Therapy

One year coaching / therapy / healing intensive with Simon Heathcote of Soulvision

One-year coaching/therapy/healing intensive


Audio series 'Relationship as Path' with Simon Heathcote of Soulvision4 part Audio series ‘Relationship as Path’

‘It is a perfect understanding between a man and a woman. And it happens in the blinking of an eye. This affinity is born in a single moment, and is greater than all other affinities, this spiritual conversion, we call: Love.’ Khalil Gibran

A profound conundrum and an intense longing lies at the core of our love relationships, our task both human and divine. I have spent nearly 25 years puzzling over the paradoxes and hidden meanings that lie in the gulf between men and women. My work took me from a conventional psychiatric setting – the world famous Priory Roehampton, where I specialised in sex and love addiction and spirituality – into past lives and the journey of the soul, all the time struggling with my own often turbulent love life.

I uncovered many helpful things and saw the limitations of labelling soul dilemmas psychiatric disorders. In this series of audios I will take you through them, offering you the understandings that I both gained and was graced with. Again and again I was offered patients the system neither wanted nor understood. At the root and centre of all of them lay soul problems going back many lifetimes.

  • Do you want to know why your relationships fail and what to do about it?
  • Are you aware that most if not all of your key relationships are with those you know from other lifetimes and have business with?
  • Would you like to see how the map of the heavens at the time you were born affects how you relate to others and which energies in another work best for you and which don’t?
  • Are you ready to take full responsibility for yourself and – this is the big one – accept the karmic difficulties you have with another are inside you!?
  • Learn what the great mythologies of romantic love have to teach us and why they so often end in death.
  • Understand how blockages in the lower chakras can deny your heart the chance of fulfilment and how to heal, allowing the heart centre (the meeting place of our animal and spiritual nature) to shine.

All these questions and many more will be explored in this series of audios that include helpful exercises and meditations.

Audio 1: The heart of our problem: roots in childhood and beyond; working with the base chakras; choosing to be here!

Audio 2: Understanding the mythology of love: how romance veils our true purpose; learning to subtly redirect our energy so it does not sabotage our loves.

Audio 3: Understanding Eros: the drive for wholeness and the fear of death – how the power struggle kills most connections after the honeymoon.

Audio 4: Doing the inner work: Balancing self and other, masculine and feminine, inner and outer. Working with a meditative and heartfelt approach to life and love.


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Astrology of the Soul with Simon Heathcote of Soulvision Astrology of the Soul…a 60-minute consultation (with optional personal report)

Feeling lost, lacking direction, confused?

We are born for two things: to awaken to our true nature, to ascend and to find our particular mission, our unique soul purpose.

At the moment you are born you embody the energy of the heavens at that time. Or we could say the heavens reflect you! This constellation reflects the soul’s experience in this and other lifetimes.

In this hour-long conversation, I will show you your gifts, strengths, challenges and weaknesses and help you re-align to your sacred soul purpose. 


£97 (with full written report £197)

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Relationship Astrology from Simon Heathcote of SoulvisionRelationship Astrology…a 75-minute consultation, (with optional personal report)

Want to know if this is the one for you, whether to stay or go?

Sick of entering doomed relationships, picking the same types again and again despite your best intention? Give yourself a better chance by looking closely at the relationship you are in, about to enter or leave.

Astrological synastry reveals the complex ecology and chemistry of relationship providing you with a map of priceless information. Many relationships are simply learning vehicles on the way to the relationship you most desire, something cherishing, lasting and loving.

In this conversation, we will look at the issues, blocks, strengths, gifts and limitations in your relationship, as well as issues of compatibility.

Free astrology report for your relationship included.

Skype/phone/in person

£117 (with full written report £227)

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Soul Coaching with Simon Heathcote of SoulvisionSoul Coaching: a series of 6 sessions

Where regular coaching looks at life via the conscious self or ego, soul coaching examines and guides you towards the deeper needs of the soul, gently steering you back into alignment with your true nature.

Looking at your astrology, using a technique of soul-mapping we will seek to clarify those initiatory moments in life which often go unrecognised, the moments your soul whispered to you but remained unheard.

If your body is getting sick and your life unhappy, it is time to pay attention and find a path home. I will support you in making the changes you need in this six-week process.

Skype/phone, 6 sessions of 60 minutes


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Facing the Fire: Sex, Love and Soul Union - a 6 part in-depth programme with Simon Heathcote of Soulvision6 part programme ‘Facing the Fire: Sex, Love and Soul Union

Start the new year as you mean to go on. Let love come to you in 2013.  Six-part programme starts January 7.

‘Subtle degrees of servitude and domination are what you know as love. But love is different, it arrives here complete, just like the moon in the window.’ Jalal-Ud-Din Rumi

Love is a many-splendored thing. It provides a journey that begins with great hope and longing and the unconscious aim of soul union and, before that, the healing of childhood and past life wounds and a return to wholeness, our birthright.

Our conscious intent is somewhat different, particularly if we have not yet discovered our own depths, that pearl without price that is our inner richness prized by mystics since the dawn of time.

Too often it is a shapely body, a healthy bank balance, security and stability that interests the conscious self. The soul, that which mediates between the ego and the unconscious has another, hidden agenda. That agenda is wholeness and healing.

Yet so often it doesn’t work that way, instead we find heartbreak – again – as our unmet needs and hidden feelings come up to sabotage as they break through our carefully constructed persona. How many of us bail out in the power struggle, not seeing this is the dark before the dawn.

At this time in our evolution, humanity is at a crossroads; our relationships the battle ground for a conflict that heralds an evolutionary leap from co-dependency to a soulcentric love that balances the needs of self and other and places the divine at the centre upholding both.

I have spent a lifetime looking at my own and others love relationships, both as a flawed, pained human being and as a professional, sharing what I have gleaned with others.

This programme covers an array of love problems through the eyes of mythologypsychodynamicsaddiction, energy workpast lives and astrology.

  • Discover the nature of your problem through an approach that works for you. Most professionals see your problem only through their own training and tunnel vision, often prescribing the wrong medicine with the right intention.
  • Are you aware that humanity is at the point of an evolutionary leap, our old ideal of romantic love failing us. Are you willing to explore new approaches as the old become redundant?
  • Would you like to take control of your own life once again, with a higher power at the realm, instead of seeking to get everything from ‘the one and only’? Discover the real meaning of twin souls and soul mates.
  • Would you like to finally feel so fulfilled and happy with yourself that the beloved appears as a reflection of all that you are rather than after a desperate search that spells disaster?
  • All that and much more is possible for all of us at the most exciting, dynamic time in history, as humanity prepares to enter the forecast Golden Age.


Course programme:

Module 1: The origins of romantic love

What the Jungians say

Understanding projection and shadow

Drinking the love potion – why archetypal love makes us sick

The hidden search for God


Module 2: Sex and love addiction: a modern disease

Signs and symptoms

Treatment and those who slip the net

The need for understanding what the soul wants

Surrendering harshness and compulsion


Module 3: The search for soul union

Our spiritual quest

Spirit goes up, soul comes down – balancing the poles

The importance of meditation

Understanding chakra blockages


Module 4: Healing childhood trauma

Understanding psychodynamics

Soul mapping: understanding the symbols of your youth

Developmental dilemmas: autonomy and the need for others

Why the qualities we first love in the Other we later detest


Module 5: It’s all about energy!

Developing the second attention: experiencing life through the heart

The nature of your dilemma and subtle energy bodies

Speaking your truth: the importance of honesty in freeing the soul

Understanding that contraction, the failure to be yourself, is your business.


Module 6: Re-membering, recollection and reunion

The alchemical marriage

As above, so below

Healing the inner, heals the outer

Unconditional joy, beyond the polarities, better than happiness! 


Bonus Sessions

There will be 2 group mentoring sessions with me after modules 2 and 5.

This is the chance to share personal struggles.

Participants are encouraged to share and bond with one another.





Begins Monday January 7 and ends in April 2013. Final dates (Mondays) to be confirmed.


Your Investment

You are encouraged to join the full programme as it is designed to take you through a process. But anyone who would like to buy a single module is welcome to do so.

Six modules at £297 each, total payment of £1,782

Includes BONUS Astrology of the Soul Report with one-hour Skype session, showing your wounds, gifts and life direction, value £197.

PLUS a 25% reduction for anyone joining the programme before 1 December 2012 (total £1,336.50).

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Sex and Love Addiction Therapy with Simon Heathcote of SoulvisionSex and Love Addiction Therapy

Relationship and sex addiction is now commonplace in a society that has long been addicted to romance. Inroads into treating what is called sex and love addiction are relatively recent. What must be understood is that chemistry equals karma, therefore those people we are addicted to are usually those with whom we have been closely bonded over many lifetimes.

Working with the chakras, childhood psychodynamics, 12-step abstinence, mythology and past lives, each individual will find their own path back to good health and learn to resolve egoic patterns.

50-minute sessions

Limited number of places, price on application  – please contact me

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One year coaching / therapy / healing intensive with Simon Heathcote of SoulvisionOne-year coaching/therapy/healing intensive

These weekly 100-minute sessions take you into the depths of the true self, exploring troubling issues, blockages, ways forward and the resolution of internal conflicts with a variety of tools: talk therapy, breath and bodywork, healing, mythological understanding and astrology, past life work, meditation, working with the chakras and much more. All clients are given reading homework and have access to me via the telephone between sessions.

Long-term clients report a total transformation in their inner and, often, outer worlds after doing this work.

There are only five places available as I work with each client closely. One month’s notice is required either side to terminate.

Further details on application – please contact me

Skype/limited places in person London and Somerset

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